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Who is a Scrum Master?

A scrum master is a facilitator and a custodian of the scrum framework who helps and facilitates the team towards various goals including following scrum practices correctly, removing obstacles/impediments, keeping backlog in a well-groomed state, ensuring scrum ceremonies function properly and the team continuously improves with the help of the framework.

Responsibilities of the Scrum Master

As organizations continue to embrace Agile practices more and more (and specifically Scrum), the role of Scrum Master is becoming more and more prevalent. Scrum brings together project teams to work with Product Owners to iteratively build great products with continuous feedback and guidance from the Product Owner. The operations of a scrum team is like a super-productive machinery when it is working well. However, none of this is possible without the one person who holds everything together and makes this machinery to productively work – that person is the Scrum Master.


What is an Agile Project?

An Agile project is a project that follows one of the methodologies within the Agile umbrella of methodologies and practices. Some of the well known methodologies or practices within Agile include Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Xtreme Programming etc. Each of these essentially forms a tool-kit within the Agile Project Manager’s toolset. While some of the tools may be mutually-exclusive, most of the tools can be used in combination with others in order to allow for best results.


What is a Web Development Project?

A Web Development Project is a project that involves creation or major overhaul of a Web property – a website or a web application. While traditionally these projects tended to be run in using a waterfall methodology, now-a-days you’d see most of these projects run in various flavours of Agile. Depending upon the organization, the project would go through a  variable size of an initiation stage.


What is a Waterfall Project?

Waterfall SDLC

Waterfall SDLC

Traditionally, most projects were organized in work-specific phases. As one phase of the project is completed, the project moves to the next phase. Without the first phase being completed, the next phase would not start. Some projects maintained strict gates between the phases while others allowed for some overlap. This phase by phase progression of a project when laid out on a timeline almost looks like a waterfall, thus being known as a Waterfall Project. Waterfall being the name of the methodology being used here.


Who is a Software/Enterprise Architect?

Software or Application is not a result of a chaotic process of people putting different pieces of code anywhere they wish to. It generally follows a design principle – there is a method to the madness. The person or role who is responsible to envision this architecture within the software (or application) is known as the Software (or Application) Architect.

An enterprise’s information technology landscape may comprise of many applications or softwares. How these sets of applications  are structured and how they talk to each other is governed by a vision, generally defined by the Enterprise Architect. Thus the Enterprise Architect plays at a higher level as compared to a Software or Application Architect. On a day-to-day basis they may be known simply as an “Architect”.

You may need to involve an Architect in you are building a new software or application or making significant changes to the software or application or to that of the bigger enterprise landscape.


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Who is a Software Developer?

Software is becoming a core part of our lives. Software however needs special skills in order for it to be configured or customized. And in order to be on the cutting edge, a lot of organizations try to maintain customizations to software they use for a number of their core competencies. This leads to software customization or more often customized software development – which done by one or more specialist called the Software Developer.